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My Visit Iceland is a travel website of National Organization of Tourism in Iceland. The main focus of MyVisitIceland is to provide detailed information and booking option of available tours, places or accommodations for country’s guests.

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The main goal was to provide end-to-end development of the website with a fresher look and better user experience concept.

  • CheckmarkProvide new UI design that meets company's requirements in terms of branding
  • CheckmarkImprove UX design, make it more intuitive focusing on a specific group of customers
  • CheckmarkDesign a “favorite” feature, where guests can “favorite” tours, accommodations or interesting places
  • CheckmarkIntegrate a CMS with a blog crawler that allows to provide previews and fetch data from source links


The website is under development, however we are ready to share what is done and what problems are solved:

  • Line listNew & fresh UI experience was delivered according to predefined color palette. Each destination has its own color, which is subconsciously associated with cardinal points in Iceland. For instance, East of Iceland is associated with dark-green color because of forests, vast expanses and green narrow fjords. 3 shades of blue were chosen as the main accent colors. These colors remind us about glaciers and cold in Iceland.
  • Line listDevhance's team improved UX concept by adding additional subnavigation and moving all the destinations to separate pages. Also we changed a structure of the web: activities, restaurants and accommodations are different categories that have their own pages. The value of a new UX design is concentrated on showing to customer a variety of tours, restaurants and accommodations with the option to book in minute, add them to favorite and never lose.
  • Line listWe designed a “favorite” feature, that allows guests to save favorite tours, places or accommodations and send them by email. To make this feature easy-to-use, we defined a local storage, where all the info is saved, so the number of iterations from user’s side is decreased and guests don’t need to register or login again.
  • Line listCMS integration is under development and soon will be available on the main server. Website is on beta test right now.

What client says about us

“The new site is a vast improved on the previous iteration and we are happy with the result. The efficient workflow was complimented by Devhance's ability to quickly identify and rectify issues. They are very quick to answer requests and put them into effect. I never had to wait a few days for a request to be answered, researched and implemented.”.

Höskuldur Jónsson, Project Manager at FerdavefirMyVisitIceland – Travel guide website for Iceland
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