Harver is a pre-hiring and pre-employment assessment platform, that enables innovative companies around the world to hire better, faster. Harver helps to automate laborious parts of your pre-hiring and selection process and decreases time-to-hire.



The main goal was to improve UX design of current platform, make it more intuitive and to expand the number of functionalities according to provided technical requirements. The second mission was to get rid of dark colors in terms of UI design and make them more pleasurable.

  • CheckmarkUX solution for pre-hiring and pre-employment assessments that will give more options for making a choice to the right candidate
  • CheckmarkSimplify the candidate’s interviewing process and expand functionalities in terms of creating testing flows
  • CheckmarkProvide new UI design concept with predefined color pallette


Devhance’s team of highly-skilled UX/UI designers found the solutions for the challenges and here is what we’ve got:

  • Line listNumber of pre-employment assessments were increased from 4 to 12. It helps to measure more efficiently candidate’s cultural preference and compare it to the organization’s culture to ensure cultural fit.
  • Line listBecause of video era, a new feature called “a video interview module” was designed. It gives an opportunity for candidates to present themselves to the company and to notice even remote candidates that apply.
  • Line listAll platform’s screens were divided into separate dashboards with sub navigation tabs and step-by-step instruction’s tooltips that help to build custom testing flows, connect them to the vacancies and start hiring in a data-driven way.
  • Line listWe got rid of dark accent colors and replace them with light-blue which is a perfect fit for the white backgrounds with gray box shadow and black text content inside of it. Light green as the second accent color was chosen for decoration elements, graph’s bars to give a fresh look for dashboards.

What client says about us

“Devhance are good at what they do. They were able to exceed our expectation with minimum information. We almost want to keep them to ourselves, but that would not be fair to such a hard working team like Devhance. Will definitely work with them again”.

Phil Mander, Head of Engineering at HarverHarver – pre-employment assessment platform
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