March 18, 2019

Why you need to choose companies over freelancers for creating your website?

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A popularity of hiring freelancer for making a website is growing up day-by-day. We are not against freelancers, it’s not what this article is about. It is really hard to watch when customers don’t understand, that complex solutions can’t be cheap and done by a single person. Wix or wordpress design templates would not help you to stand out of the crowd if you are producing unique services.

In order to build a website you will need:

  • Design skills
  • Tech skills
  • Creating content skills
  • Time

Here is a question – how can a single freelancer be proficient enough in design, technical and creating content skills? You might ask yourself: - “Ok, you are right, freelancer can’t! But why I can’t hire 3 freelancers for each of the competencies?” – Definitely, you can! Without any doubts, you can! But prepare yourself for being a project manager. And what if you don’t have enough time for that? You can’t do sales, marketing and manage freelancers at the same time. And that is the punchline. Even if you hire best freelancers with best feedbacks, it would not guarantee you a top-notch work as working in a structured team.

One of our clients asked for a help with his personal project that was done by freelancer, who disappeared. We found ourselves in a tough spot after working with a freelancer’s code on this project – it was a disaster!

So, what about companies?

Companies are aimed to have a qualified specialist for each type of work, would it be design, development or copywriting – doesn’t matter.

Company workers are always improving skills by not only working on other projects, they also attend specialized events, courses for leveling up. Unfortunately, freelancers don’t have time for doing that, especially if freelancer has 2 or more projects at one time.

All things considered, it’s not a secret, that company’s services would cost more, but if you want not only getting 10 new clients, but to increase your business value, you definitely need to choose companies over freelancers for making a website.

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