June 02, 2020

Why Wordpress sucks: 6 reasons migrate to Static Site Generators

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Wordpress is outdated, isn’t it? We can’t convey the pain of our customers, how many bugs and issues they face through the managing their website. Today Devhance’s team wants to share 6 reasons why Wordpress sucks and you should migrate to Static Site Generators.

Static Site Generators like Gatsby are at least 6x times faster than any Wordpress website

You’re probably already familiar with this point. Sites that are done with static site generators – even poorly optimized ones – generally obliterate every Wordpress on speed.

Just imagine how many people are hosting their websites with Wordpress. And there is an important point - more users the platform has, worse user experience and overall speed becomes.

The fact that Wordpress relies on 3rd party software to speed it up is proof enough that static rules for speed.

There is NO support service in Wordpress

Yes, you’ve heard it here first. We spoke to our clients and 4 out of 5 mentioned that if they face some problems with tech questions, only independent forums/communities can help them! The info that Wordpress provides is outdated or just basic, so it’s usually not enough to find the right answer.

What about Static Site Generators + JAMstack as main website technologies? As community is rapidly growing, its customers just don’t need to contact support every time you make changes to your site – nothing crashes and work stable. Even if you have some struggles, your website architecture is much more easier to understand comparing to Wordpress.

Headaches with security and maintenance using Wordpress

That is the point that might kill Wordpress for you. The more plugins you use, the worse your WP site becomes.

Our team has a decent experience working with Wordpress websites in the past and to speak honestly, this platform is the most vulnerable one. Among all services that provide CMS-based solutions, WordPress accounted for 90 percent of all hacked CMS sites (source).

Occasionally there will be massive updates to Wordpress core that might break a plugin you have or two plugins might conflict with each other. And again you need to waste your time or pay for freelancers to fix unfixable things.

Want to scale your business? Not a challenge for Static Site Generators and JAMstack

Just imagine that we are creating a niche site:

  • Start with a creating a template that you can not duplicate by doing a copy paste
  • Fire off dozens of post requests for 5,10 or 20 niche sites
  • Reduplicate your static niche template (it will crush at least once, trust us)
  • Wait up to 5 months for the traffic to build up

What a milestone to do! No hesitations that is doable on Wordpress but nowhere near as painless and fast as static.

Static Site Generators go with JAMstack tool and in most cases we use optimal component-based structure. What does it mean? It is incredibly easy to mass duplicate and it’s optimized for speed, SEO, ad placement and a beautiful aesthetic.

Deployment is also not the hardest thing to do and after few hours you have a new site ready on a hosting like Netlify.

Best possible developer’s experience with Static Site Generators

Devhance’s team works with a lot of projects based on SSG and JAMstack. Without any hesitation we want to say that 10+ our customers were satisfied with the product we delivered. Nobody was complaining even after 1 year.

How much time you need to deploy all the files to the WP site when you have 20, 30 or even 50 pages? With Netlify, for example, from sign up through to final deployment, the process takes literally a couple of minutes.

Painless content management experience with Wordpress

When we started our company’s website, we thought about creating it on Wordpress. But after few months of researching, our team faced the issues with data that is stored in the database and retrieved via PHP. Every time we wanted to make changes to our older posts on blog page, we had about 10+ unknown for us errors. As we were not as experienced in WP things as our friends, we asked them to help us. After few days every error was fixed, so we questioned ourselves what was the problem? The answer from our friends was pretty simple and clear – “Ah, these are normal things on WP, every second user struggles with it”.

What was next? We learned how Static Site Generators work and migrated immediately! Our Gatsby template has some templates that we use and after almost 1.5 year of using it we don’t meet any issues.

There's really no limit to what you can configure with Static Site Generators and it's far more flexible than Wordpress.

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