May 28, 2019

Why freelancers fail?

2 min read

Are you a freelancer? Have you ever asked yourself why freelancers fail? Here are 3 main reasons why freelancers fail even having a top rated status and best reviews:

Not enough patience

The most common reason why freelancers fail is not being patient enough. We meet clients who make decisions fast, on the other hand we worked with companies who need to think a lot before making an important decision. But there will be always people who want everything fast - that’s the main problem.

You can’t build your personal brand fast, you can’t force clients to trust you. They need time and you need best feedbacks, otherwise you will choke.

Not understanding how to sell yourself

Even if you are experienced enough in your field with a strong skill set - it’s not a guarantee of being sold for 120$/h. The way you communicate and listen to the clients is also an important skill. Don’t lie to people who pay you money. Don’t tell about your weaknesses and forget about working for free.

Remember, that equal work from different workers can be evaluated differently.

Not valuable skills

You need to be always in trend. Do the research what clients are looking for right now and make an offer. You should always learn something new in your field, you should be open for new technologies that will help to earn more.

Don’t be afraid of competitors, there is always a place for 2nd, 3rd and 10th in every niche.

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