April 22, 2019

Why employees leave?

2 min read

So why the employees leave? Lack of motivation? Maybe they are too bored of daily routine work? Or they are not growing up? Terrible team can also be a reason why employees leave.

Not enough motivation

Low salary, unclear vision of future can be a reason why employees leave companies. Discuss the future with your employees: What they want to achieve? What kind of skills do they need to achieve this goal? Can we help you with finding a right person to teach you?

Bored routine

9 to 5 routine is the scariest thing ever. Doing the same job everyday can kill you. Diversify daily schedule of your employees, give them more freedom. Freedom helps people to feel happier. Try to find uncommon projects with unordinary solutions and you get rid of routine.

They are not growing up

Talented people always want to improve themselves. You need to support them, invest your money into talents, they will bring you energy and new ideas.

Terrible team

Building a team of even 4 different personalities is a hard thing to do. Lack of communication, undefined roles and bad attitude from others can cause quitting the job. Everyone has own vision of workflow, ambitions that sometimes can’t be under control. You need to be or to find a leader for your team, motivate them with interesting projects. Also we recommend to create inspiring environment that will help to clarify one goal for everyone.

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