September 30, 2019

Top 5 task management tools in 2019

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Do you use any of task management tools? Do you use it for business or personal needs? Here’s an insider’s perspective.


Still on track and still very popular. Devhance’s team is not using Trello at the moment, but used to work with it. Based on Kanban management system and has simple interface. It might be the best tool for getting started if you don’t know what to choose. Rather than traditional tools designed for managing resources and tracking progress towards a specific end date, Kanban-based apps like Trello are more free-form and flexible.


Nifty is a collaborative task management tool with Kanban-style tasks that enable teams to flexibly organize, collaborate, and prioritize work while easily managing feedback and deadlines. The tasks can be tied to milestones and be tracked easily. This tool offers high functionality without the usual bloat of other tools to help your team settle-in and automate the tedious reporting tasks. Beautiful interface, very intuitive. The ease of use and transitioning is a huge plus. Amazing support team. can handle workflow management for any project. It will allow you to assign and track tasks and follow processes across teams and projects. It has features of messaging, Calendar sync, due date reminders, time tracking, Graphs & Insights, and Forms. It is a highly customizable tool. Also, it is easy to use and provides good collaboration features. Ideal tool for medium companies and enterprise projects.


Asana task management is basically used to create or to keep a track of the project or tasks within the project. With Asana, team activities like sharing files, task assignment, project progress tracking, receiving notifications, updates, and comments, etc are much easier. Thus it results in seamless communication, ultimately efficient and timely delivery of projects. Our team used to work with Asana, it was a good experience.


Considered to be the best tool for collaboration working with big projects. Basecamp has been around for over a decade and has built a large, loyal customer base during that time. We would say that interface is pretty simple, but you've got all the needed tools for managing your projects. Also Basecamp is one of task management tools that has e-mail integration and the ability to share individual tasks and messages with people outside the organization. Notifications can be customized to your requirements, including shutting them off outside office hours.

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