September 27, 2019

The complete SEO checklist for your website

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Almost every year there are SEO changes. So how to stay on track? Our team made a research and here is the complete SEO checklist for your website.

Analyzing Keywords

First thing you need to do is to find your target audience. If you already have your audience, the life becomes easier. Finding right keywords is the next step. You can use Google tips, any kind of platforms that provide keywords selection. Don’t forget to take a look on your competitors and keywords they are using. When these things are done, next step is about expanding your keywords: find synonyms, abbreviations and combine single keywords.

Website's Structure

Website’s structure starts with source code optimization. Make sure that all navigation links are available in HTML file. Using breadcrumbs is also important things that helps your customers to navigate fast. Next step is to create sitemap.xml – this file will make it easier for Google to find your site’s pages. Every website’s page must be available in maximum 2 clicks. What about pages optimization? The length of URL links must be as short as it possible.

Technical Audit

You can start with setting up HTTPS. All HTML code must be between 100-200 kilobytes. Page loading speed must be between 3-5 secs. Minify your images and use caching tools. Also a good idea is to use files compression. Before a search engine crawls your site, it will look at your robots.txt file as instructions on where they are allowed to crawl (visit) and index (save) on the search engine results. It doesn’t matter if you have landing page or 50 pages website, don’t forget about creating 404 page. Some of website owners don’t consider importance of having backup files. Don’t be like them.


Content verification is all about optimizing headings <title>. Use keywords in your title. Important words must be in the beginning of your title. Use emoji. Next thing to do is to optimize snippets. Meta description must consist of 200-250 symbols. Meta description includes keywords and keywords that call to action. Delivering unique content will help you to be on top. Key phrases are inside h1-h6 headings. Key phrases must appear at least 1 time in text description. Images are using alt attribute. Description text consists of 250+ words.

There is at least one text link to every page of your website. The number of internal links on the page is not more than 200. Main navigation is available to search engines that do not use JavaScript. Irrelevant and non-moderated outbound links closed in rel = nofollow. The quantity and quality of external outbound links is controlled by someone. You are working on the placement of backlinks on different resources every week.

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