July 05, 2019

How WEB development companies work?

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Without any doubts, every company starts with clients. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are. We don’t believe if customer, who is using services of the exact company, is not interested in how everything works. So, the main goal of this article is to give a short explanation, how WEB development companies work.

Web development companies, as known as web studios, are usually service-oriented companies. Also there are startups that offer ready-to-use products can be also called web dev companies.

As we mentioned in the beginning, if you don’t have clients, you can’t name yourself a company. Understanding the customer’s requirements and giving a reasonable advice, why we don’t need to do this or we must do that, is the most important thing among all the processes. It will help to give an estimate cost/time for a particular project and to build long-term relationships. Building a right team should be the part of this stage.

The next thing, companies should take care of, is called design. At Devhance we call it wireframing/prototyping (UX) that goes before creating a visual concept (UI). Most web companies tender a good approach by giving a time for client to make edits or to give a short feedback after each stage or substage.

After design is done, the implementation part comes. It is all about coding mockups and implementing UX solutions into dynamic pages. Day-by-day our team is exploring something new, even if the design stage is ready and if there is an option, we always try to suggest new features or improving already existing ones. Every project must have an “X-Factor”.

We don’t forget about testing stage. Companies can call it also verification or quality assurance stage. Everybody’s known fact, that you can’t find all bugs before deployment process, but you definitely should try after – perfection has no limits.

Companies call maintenance or continuous support as the final stage. Not a lot can be told about this one. The main goal is to support already existing project, make changes if needed, deal with bugs and even protect from DDOS – it depends on circumstances.

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