April 20, 2019

How to increase your business value

1 min read

Market problems, running out of cash, not the right team, pricing issues, user un-friendly product. A lot of reasons can cause a crash in your business. So, what we need to do to prevent your business dying?

Less services, better quality

The rule #1 in our company. Quality doesn’t mean perfection in UX/UI design. “Finding out what your customer wants and giving it to him faster than your competitors” – it is a definition of the quality.

Evaluate your company

If your company does not have an advantage among others, you are competing on price alone. Most companies provide similar services and they don’t know what does positioning mean. You need to gain a foothold in the mind of your customer with a competitive advantage and you will win.

Test new strategies fast

You are a designer and you are not successful on Upwork? Test another platform to earn money. If you are an entrepreneur and your strategy is not working here, test there, test everywhere. Not the right strategy? Change it! Do it as fast as you can, you competitors are one step behind!

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