June 20, 2019

How to choose fonts for web design projects?

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Choosing a font for your project is not an easy thing to do. Finding a perfect match, defining your audience and understanding the purpose are the most important things you need to have an eye for.

Brand identity

Choosing a font must match the brand identity - a font design might look nice, but if it doesn’t fit the purpose, scrap it! Focus on picking a font design that has the characteristics you want to represent your website and brand.


Choose a font that is versatile - You will be using the same font(s) throughout your website, and your website could be viewed on different devices with different screen sizes. Ask yourself these questions: Does it look good in different weight like bold, italics or normal? Does it look good in various sizes?

Right audience

Your font design should match the type of customer you want to attract - What is the ideal age group? What is the preferred gender? What profession is he/she in? Does he/she have more/less disposable income?

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