April 27, 2020

Bringing more value to your business in 2020

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Bringing more value to your business may seem not so easy, so it’s important to find the right strategy to attract potential customers and overcome competitors. Below are 5 tips how you can become more effective in 2020.

Update your content

Content is a king. It doesn’t matter whether you make YouTube videos or write blog articles – old content must be updated. Making simple tweaks and date changes can instantly boost your website in Google rankings.

We would say that it’s more “cheaper” to refresh old content rather than to invest in a new one. Part of the content optimization can play an important role in your marketing strategy. More website traffic, getting new customers and better social media presence are the main reasons why you should update the content.

Educate with your content

It’s not a secret that a majority of B2B content comes with educational purpose to nurture leads and build audience trust, which is absolutely essential for inbound marketing. It can be not only long blog posts, just think about white papers, short articles or quizzes.

Personalization here is a key to success. It doesn’t mean that you must create personal messages for each out of 500 clients that you’ve been working with. Find demographically fitted groups, each behavior group can look very similar to each other and start building relations with your audience!

Search engine optimization

We highly recommend to take a look on 3 groups of SEO that allows you to understand and grow organic traffic for your website and rank higher on search results.

On-page SEO focuses on the use of keywords, long tail keywords, titles, metatags, SEO-friendly URLs, title modifiers, among other page elements.

Off-page SEO concentrates on the backlinks linking to your website. Guest blogging is an effective way to create backlinks for your blog and improve your search engine rankings.

Technical SEO refers to the act of improving the technical aspects of your website to improve its rankings on a search engine. Search engines crawl the web and present websites based on their ease of use to a user. Therefore, optimizing your website to become crawlable, fast, and secure will improve your marketing strategy.

All 3 types of SEO are so important in 2020, make sure you are “playing the game” right.

Influencers are still relevant

Back to a digital strategy that your business can benefit from, influencer marketing has made a quick rise in popularity for a variety of reasons, that it is the most natural way to attract clients. The way it works is that a social media influencer will promote a product of your business through their brand.

The benefit of this is that your business gets access to the influencer’s followers through a trustworthy and relatable approach. B2C companies promote the products from their websites, social profiles and email lists, so it’s a great extra method to expand your customer base with influencers.

Build a new relationship

This point is not about looking for partners. It’s all about building a new relationship with your potential customer and keep them coming back. We won’t highlight here the power of feedback or appreciation words. You know those things.

Individual treatment is a “technique” that a lot of companies forget to manifest. Quality products are not longer the only factor that contributes to high customers satisfaction. So what is the best way to do it?

Treat your customers with personalized messages, offers and overall unique approach. It would help to build a strong relationship not only with your clients, but also with a circle of client’s clients. Feedback from your customer towards other potential customers can be the game-changing factor. Above everything else, calling your customers by names, it’s a guarantee that you will be one step closer to build trust-worthy relations.

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