April 20, 2020

Best approach to build super-fast & secure website in 2020

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Still struggling with a website security? Pages are loading too slow? New technologies hit the market and web industry is rapidly growing. So, what is the best approach to build super-fast & secure website in 2020?

Forget about website builders

More and more business owners complain about website builders such as Wordpress, Wix and others. What’s wrong with them? They are overdated. Every year a number of websites using free-to-use solutions is growing, but these public companies don’t offer better conditions. More customers use a particular service, the slower and less secure it will become.

Somebody would say that there are no facts behind our words. Nevertheless 10+ Devhance’s clients migrate from “free” website builders to personal development web and not only they became happier than ever, their businesses grew up and they increased the revenue at least 2x times.

Custom development destroys ready solutions

The project cost for custom development is not much higher than Wordpress developers offer. However, a web performance and security would be incomparable. Cost-effective solutions that are offered by SSG(Static Site Generators), for example, will not leave you indifferent.

Ready-to-use solutions would never help your business to stand out of the crowd. Your company will be the mirror of your competitors in terms of design and features that are not even developed personally. When custom development meets unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining and modifying commercial solutions.

Also it’s important to mention that custom development can be done as one time development. You don’t need to build several platform for different operating systems and devices. This approach would not only save you money, it would benefit to create native and uncommon product.

Migrate now, to avoid paying more later

We are really worried about the number of claims on different forums, how people are struggling with their web. It’s the best time to migrate from slow, non-secure and not SEO-optimized websites. Migrate now, to avoid headaches with maintenance and paying more later.

Our team can help you with migration and offer best possible options how to create super-fast, better secure and customized website or web application: contact us!

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