March 22, 2019

5 useful tips for designing mobile application in 2019

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Are you a web designer? Have you ever had an experience in designing mobile applications? Check our 5 useful tips for designing mobile app in 2019.

Use a grid for designing a mobile application

Everybody knows how to use a grid in web design, but more than 50% of developers/designers don’t use it while creating mobile applications. The Grid will keep the layout of your app neat and organized. Also it helps to organize the space, so the pictures and text would not overlap with each other.

Make sure that loading speed of your app is fast

If the design of your app is too complex, it will affect how long it takes for your app to load. Simplifying your design helps eliminate this issue. Fast page loading speeds will improve the user experience and increase engagement.

Make an “easy-to-use” navigation

Do you know what is the most annoying thing when you using a mobile app? It’s not about fonts and colors, it’s all about navigation. When you enter a pizza app and you can’t find a menu to book a food – it is the main problem nowadays as customers mention. No matter what you do, you’ve got to make the navigation as easy as possible for the users. They shouldn’t have to do too much scrolling, zooming, or be forced to side scroll to see content on each page.

Understand the differences between screen sizes

Smartphones, even from the same brand and manufacturer come in all different shapes, sizes, and resolutions. You need to make an optimization for other devices as well. Think about how many people will be using your app on their tablet. The design needs to be optimized for as many screens as possible. And don’t forget about 5,5s,5se iPhones (it's not deprecated yet)

UX first

We are always for creating UX first and only after that – UI. No matter what you’re doing, always ask yourself how this will impact the potential customers. A lot of apps have breathtaking UI, but UX sucks and the result is losing customers.

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