April 12, 2019

5 reasons why people buy emotions, not things

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Without an experienced sales manager and having a strong marketing strategy you won’t go far. But also business owners forget the fact that their customers buy emotions, not things.


We always want to stand out of the crowd. Do you care about buying something that can be personal, not like others have? People love individuality, that’s why Nike offers to create your personal pair of sneakers.


You would rather buy something from a brand existing for decades, than a new company. Did you notice if the brand has year of foundation in its logo, the “trustworthy factor” appears? Number of likes or followers on your company’s Instagram page is also matters today.


This paragraph is about “safety” word in terms of food marketing. People believe in words “organic”, “natural”, “gluten free” on posters or labels. These words help us to feel “safety”: - “I don’t eat junk food, I eat healthy”. But nobody knows the truth, if the product is really organic or not.

Motivation, self-development

Have you ever seen slogans “Just do it” or “Impossible is nothing”? We bet you saw it so many times. The main purpose of these words is to show you, that you can be better than now. Set up goals and achieve them. But don’t forget to buy our sportswear.


We always want to be better than someone, earn more and influence more. Buying more expensive things gives us status in society. People who don’t have even 100$ in their pockets, but made a cool picture near Ferrari, will make more impact on your mind than someone staying near palm trees on Maldives who is a real millionaire.

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