May 13, 2019

5 best tips how to increase productivity

2 min read

Are you productive enough? We asked our team members what they do to increase daily productivity and how to not stay on the same place for a long time. Check out what we’ve got:

Do the hardest thing first

As we know harder things take more effort. So why we need to keep them for the end of the day? Important things are usually the hardest, so do them first before you became unproductive and tired. It would help to avoid negative impact on your work, heath and relationships.

Make a list with goals the day before

How it can help? The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is how many items you cross off from your to-do list during the day. So all you just need is to try it out and you will see how your productivity level is growing up.

Listen to the right music

It might be not so obvious, but sometimes a bit of background’s music can help you to stay focus and eliminate all the distractions. What about genre? It’s up to you, everyone has different tastes. According to research, calm music helps to stay focused for longer period of time.

Learn to say “NO”

Eliminating all distractions will help you not only to increase your productivity, but also to increase your value as a person. We can’t do everything and therefore we must learn when to say “NO” in order to save our sanity.

Find your passion

We bet you heard this a huge amount of times, but it must be the most important rule how to increase your productivity. You would not achieve a lot until you find your passion. All the rules we mentioned above are NOT working if you don’t love what you do.

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