April 05, 2019

3 ways how to create the website

2 min read

Want to create a website for your business but don’t know how? Here are 3 ways how to create the website for your business needs: find a company, hire freelancers or create the website by yourself.

Find a company

The most efficient way to create the website, but the most expensive too. Why we recommend to find a team of professionals? Because you can’t and you shouldn’t be an expert in everything. You need to delegate in order to run your business successfully.

Hire freelancers to help you out

Hiring freelancers may not be the worst idea. If the budget is low and you have enough time to organize the process of designing, developing, doing marketing, feel free to do it. Without any doubts, this way is cheaper than hiring a company, but in the end, prepare yourself for having medium-quality product.

Creating the website by yourself

Not the easiest, but definitely the cheapest way how to create the website for your business. There are huge amount of ready-to-use templates, website builders on the market. Strong marketing slogans: -“Build a free website in 5 easy steps” are everywhere now. But here is the truth: according to a survey, only 1 out of 9 websites, that is done by person, who is not proficient in web development, attracts clients and gives profit. CTR (click-through ratio) on those websites is so low and it is not marketing problem. Unfortunately, we would not recommend to create the website by your own, it would not meet your expectations in the end and it would not increase your business value as you want to.

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